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1. Return policy and complaint resolutions
Our products are frozen goods, therefore we are fully aware of product preservation requirements for shipment.

If there is any problem with your order, please call our Hotline: 0776.619.620 (Zalo/Viber)

We recommend that you check inside the package when it arrives, if it doesn't look like what you have ordered, please call us and let our staff knowReturns and exchanges are applied under these following circumstances:

- Missing products or products you didn't order: We will confirm the sent items and deliver the correct products within 4 hours after the conformation.

Products don't match the description: Our products are carefully packaged so that they can be preserved to stay in the best condition possible when it arrives. Should the products be defrosted by the time they arrive, contact us and we'll exchange them in the fastest possible time.

- Complaints about quality: If you suspect that the quality has gone bad (molds, change of colors, deterioration, stinks, odd subjects,...) by the time you recieve that package, call us and we'll fix it as soon as possible.


2. For product returns, exchanges or complaints, contact us via:

Hotline/Zalo/Viber 0776.619.620 (8AM-6PM on week days)

- Faceboook: Fami Dining

- Please let our staff know the details of the orders, reasons for return/exchange and provide visual evidence (photos, videos).

- Our staff will take care of your complaints and make sure the correct order arrive within 4 hours.

- For product return cases: you will get a refund one day after your complaint is received (Saturdays, Sundays excluded).