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Ikura cream cheese crackers

(Source: Kurashiru)


Ingredients you'll need:

- Marinated Ikura (100g)

- Crackers (6 sheets)

- Cream cheese (40g)

- Pickled white turnip (30g)

- Scallions (2 -3 stalks)


Let's get cooking

- Put the cream cheese in microwave and heat it for about 15 seconds until softened.

- Take the cream cheese out of the microwave, then whisk until there are no more lumps.

- Thinly cut the scallions and pickled white turnip.

- In a bowl, whisk together cream cheese, scallions and pickled turnip until all ingredients combine. 

(Source: Kurashiru)

(Source: Kurashiru)

- Spread the mixture on each cracker sheet. Finally, top it with some ikura and the dish is finished!

(Source: Kurashiru)

(Source: Kurashiru)

Bon appetit!

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