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Octopus sashimi and what makes it a special delicacy

Moroccan octopus is some of the highest quality octopus in the world. It’s firm and chewy in texture. Moroccan octopus is widely used in Japanese cuisine, mostly served as sashimi. It has a fair, slightly sweet flavor and makes one of the best types of sashimi that many people fall in love with.

What is octopus sashimi famous for?

Octopus sashimi is made from octopus’ limbs – which is the part that has the most flavor. Octopus sashimi is in fact boiled before served, regardless the word “sashimi” in the name, this cooking method helps remove the rubbery texture. When cooked right, the octopus will lose the sea-like flavor and should be come mild. Therefore, octopus sashimi is an ideal dish for those who want to try raw seafood but are not so much of an adventurous eater.

What health benefits does octopus have?

Octopus is a rich source of nutrition, it contains a high proportion of vitamins such as: A, B1, B2, C,... and a large amount of minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron,... Octopus is safe to eat for all ages, is beneficial for athletes, dieters thanks to its immune system strengthening, muscle growth and fat burn properties

Consuming 65gr of octopus per day provides you a sufficient amount of Selenium to boost protein metabolism and improve your digestive system, it also works well as an antioxidant.

How is octopus sashimi manufactured at Fami Dining?

Octopus is caught in Morocco and carefully preserved in order to maintain the best condition before being manufactured.

After cleaned, octopus will be boiled at an ideal temperature, and thinly sliced about 5mm thick.

Do you know how to enjoy sashimi to the fullest?

Octopus sashimi is usually served with soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, sea grapes. The best way to eat sashimi is to place a small bit of wasabi on top of sashimi, dip it in soy sauce. Then, you should feel all the flavors combine: light, sweet, burning, pungent all happen at once.

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